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"Il valore di un social network è definito non solo da chi vi partecipa ma anche da coloro che ne sono esclusi!"Occhiolino

Il fenomeno del Social Networking in Italia e all'estero: iniziative, comunità online, associazioni, e molto altro.

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1   Link   LINKEDIN
Network professionale di eccellenza per chi cerca lavoro e chi lo offre. Disintermediatore tra cacciatori di teste e professionisti in cerca di nuove opportunità lavorative.
2   Link   ECADEMY
Uno dei primi network professionali nati in Europa sull'onda del successo di Linkedin
3   Link   XING (Neurona)
Il Business Social Network leader in Europa
con oltre 8 milioni di utenti iscritti che usano XING per gestire i propri contatti professionali
4   Link   VIADEO
Networking per ritrova colleghi e compagni di scuola, sviluppare contatti, scambiare, annunciare, comunicare
Business per rendere visibile offerta, prodotti, trovare potenziali clienti, individuare esperti, trovare nuove opportunità lavorative
5   Link   RYZE
Ryze helps people make connections and grow their networks. You can network to grow your business, build your career and life, find a job and make sales. Or just keep in touch with friends. Members get a free networking-oriented home page and can send messages to other members. They can also join special Networks related to their industry, interests or location. More than 1,000 organizations host Networks on Ryze to help their members interact with each other and grow their organizations.
6   Link   SIXAPART
Since 2001, Six Apart has enabled millions of individuals, media companies and enterprises to create blogs and form rich, interactive communities. We now power conversations among passionate people and leading organizations around the globe, and provide services and media solutions to help bloggers to be more successful. That might sound like a lot, but we're just getting started.
7   Link   BPN
For many years, medical personnel have had opportunities to help in needy parts of the world, but the efforts of business professionals have not been well coordinated. BPN networks the western world business community with economically struggling communities of the world. In some ways, the business person can help as no one else can. Helping improve someone's means of making a living is not aid or hand-outs; it is self-sustaining help that "keeps on helping."
8   Link   LINK2ME
Il professional network e marketplace per freelance, studi ed agenzie che lavorano in Italia.
Professional Network Connections was created to revolutionize networking to new, world class standards. By understanding that different industries have special networking needs, with certain sets of participants, while still needing supplies and services from other industries. Debbie Griffith-Brown, CEO of Professional Network Connections, set out to satisfy this need.
The Mobile Professional Network (MPN) is an exclusive community for like-minded IT professionals and IT managers responsible for mobility (esp. BlackBerry smartphones) to connect with peers and share information to advance their company initiatives and personal careers. By invitation only and sponsored by BoxTone, full members enjoy a reputation as trusted advisors within their own organizations and the MPN community at large.
11   Link   KONNECTS
Konnects increases engagement within your online newspaper community - Konnects is a social media platform designed for online publications, magazines and newspapers to bring interactivity to your organization's website. Our platform is easy to deploy and our solutions team can assist you in getting your online community up and running quickly.
12   Link   SOCIALGO
SocialGO lets you easily create and run a feature-filled social networking website. You choose who can join, what they can do, and how it looks - and the best part is it's free to get going. Got 2 minutes to spare?
The Business Social Network - A website for connecting business and a social networking site - The Business Social Network, is a social networkworing sites for businesses.
14   Link   A SMALL WORLD
ASMALLWORLD is the world’s leading private online community that captures an existing international network of people who are connected by three degrees of separation. Members share similar backgrounds, interests and perspectives. ASMALLWORLD’s unique platform offers powerful tools and user generated content to help members manage their private, social and business lives.
15   Link   WITHIN3
Within3 enables that engagement by building and sustaining secure online communities for formal and informal networks of health professionals. Our customers are premier health and life science institutions such as hospitals, professional associations, and pharmaceutical companies whose success depends on the vitality of these networks.
16   Link   TRIBE.NET
At, we believe in the power of connecting to other people to get things done. Since that can be surprisingly hard in a city, we founded to make it easier. Whether it's for finding the right job, a killer apartment, a good restaurant, a gentle dentist, or a hiking buddy, we think those tasks are best done by connecting with other local people for advice and sharing.
Fast Pitch is a Global Network of Professionals connecting online with the primary goal to add value to their business and the community as a whole. Business networking and marketing is the life blood of local and global economies. By combining sophisticated and simple tools online with a social networking platform, professionals can receive real return on their investment.
A social network for entrepreneurs & business owners
19   Link   Reti della conoscenza
Più di cento esempi di reti della conoscenza che hanno trovato anche in rete la loro forma di presentazione e rappresentazione.
20   Link   PerfSpot
Un social network molto popolare. Chi conosce facebook e Hi5 deve conoscere anche Perfspot che si caratterizza per la semplicità d'' uso e l'' eleganza.
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